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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Student Exchange Program (SEP) ^^

hi everyone!!~

SEP is back!

er..what is SEP?? :-/

Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is one of the main activities in IPSF. It is a mobility programme that gives students from all over the world the opportunity to get to know pharmacy in a different country.

The member associations of IPSF organise the exchanges by finding host sites where the students are trained. The programme runs throughout the year, but the majority of the exchanges take place between May and September. The length is usually 1 to 3 months, and possible host sites include

* community pharmacies
* hospital pharmacies
* wholesale companies
* pharmaceutical industry
* schools of pharmacy
* government or private health agencies

The host may also provide room, board and/or pocket money in addition to the training site in order to help the student.

now i know what it is...hurm...interesting...!! :D can i join it?? (coz this should be like a vacation isnt it?? ;P a very affordable 1!) er but am I qualified?

Who can participate?

Pharmacy students who belong to an IPSF member association (of course we are!) can apply for SEP through their association. If your association is not a member of IPSF, you can apply for Individual Membership first and then apply as an Individiual Member. To apply for Individiual Membership, please contact the Chairperson of External Relations at

What countries can I go on exchange to?

A list of all participating associations and countries are listed in the 'Associations' tab on the left-hand menu. You can view a lot of information about each association and also view evaluations posted by past SEP participants.

How do I sign up?

Just click on 'Apply for Student Exchange Programme' and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Make sure that you select the correct association, otherwise your registration may go astray. For Individual Members, please select 'Individual Members'. Once your registration is complete and confirmed by your SEO, you can then begin your application.


i got some references..although it is for usm student..but of course we can make use of it rite? sharing is caring~ ;P

juz do it step by step~

grab the chance!! wut u waiting for?? :P

p/s: i'll distribute Egypt's student exchange information pack to every class rep for those who interested to travel to egypt ok? :)

**might have candidates' screening if too many application from students**

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